Saturday July 12th 2003
Looks like Flynn has pneumonia. At least we hope it's that, and not a pulmonary adema (which would be bad), or asthma (which would involve administering steroids, and have you ever tried to medecine a cat?).
Oh, and I've started using a real FTP package as opposed to the crap built in to IE or Mozilla. I wonder if I can persuade IE and Moz to launch it for ftp: urls?

Friday July 11th 2003
So since I last wrote, we've been back to England, and acquired a new cat, Flynn. Unfortunately Flynn's not particularly perky at the moment, so he's off to the vet. Hopefully it's nothing serious.
I should really sort the mail out on this thing, plus ftp, and maybe some blogging software.

Friday May 30th 2003
Hmm, 'spose I should probably do something with it now...

Tuesday May 27th 2003
Day 0: Bought the bird some webspace, added myself as a extra domain.