November 18, 2003


Cut and splice my metafilter textbrace!

Here's to the staff, because they've got full control over stuffyou're about to ingest. If you go to that sort of club anymore, and thus can't even check out the catalogue beyond the Sheryl Crow / U2 / Kiss stuff you can get writing thank you notes for wedding presents. A full-on fine toothed comb approach to the future. I have some anecdotal evidence that promiscuity is a two hour commute, and there are gameplay luddites that consider the introduction of graphics into adventure games to be a habitual pattern of sexual harassment flocked with glee over Arnold's orgies and groping. That's kinda interchangeable isn't it? Could we say, trade Clinton's and Arnie's sexual indescretions? Can't argue with faith... I see that, and generally agree. I've just heard the it's the general. Of course the point is that you couldn't enable it without a manufacturing setup serious enough to believe in? Masturbation. ...and your counterpoint is? The data rate required to stream even small amounts of video games. Yeah, like you grow out of style yet. Won't somebody please bomb Geraldo? I mean, if you are arrogant / dumb enough to believe they are using special hardware to...

Posted by inpHilltr8r at November 18, 2003 07:36 PM